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These are just a few of the companies building the future of our workforce in Colorado and New York City:

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Modern youth apprenticeship isn’t apprenticeship as you’ve known it. It is not limited to trades or students unfit for higher education, but rather it offers robust work-based learning opportunities for students in 21st-century career fields and an innovative approach to talent acquisition that leaves businesses with a positive return on investment and a workforce fit to take the 21st-century economy.

Explore the case studies below to learn more about how apprenticeship is not corporate philanthropy, but rather smart business.

Case Study | Prostar GeoCorp
Case Study | Prostar GeoCorp

"He's already exceeded the break-even point, about four months ahead of schedule."

David McGee | Vice President of Operations
Case Study | Pinnacol Assurance
Case Study | Pinnacol Assurance

"It dramatically broadens the notion of what apprenticeship is."

Phil Kalin | President & CEO

Believe in our younger generation

"What changed my mind was to see it and to hear from my peers. When you see the kids working and hear from them, it's crazy. We've been treating them as if they can't do basic things, when they actually shine."

Chris Terrill | Former CEO of HomeAdvisor


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